Our Purpose, Model, & Story

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Vision & Mission

Bunifu is a new sustainable community model tailored to inspire and accelerate the grassroots innovative solutions that are economically, environmentally, and socially healthy and resilient to address the toughest challenges facing Africa.

We are committed to unlock the power and potential of young leaders and entrepreneurs to create sustainable solution to poverty and unemployment in Africa.

We envision a powerful network of successful social entrepreneurs and Changemakers in Africa.

Our Model: Identify Potential

Through our collaborators and tertiary education institutions, we lookout talent, seek nominations and hand-pick young leaders and entrepreneurs who show the spark of initiative and community involvement.

Our Model: Invest in changemakers & social entrepreneurs

We provide hands-on coaching, mentoring, strategic consulting, capacity building, direct financing, and practical training to equip the young leaders and entrepreneurs with the skills needed for growth.

Our Model: Ignite

Bunifu builds a powerful and growing movement of Changemakers. By organizing annual conferences, demo day and Bunifu prize where The Bunifu Scholars are exposed to global opportunities and meaningful networking.

Our Values

  • Impact, Community-centered sustainable solutions, and Compassion for livelihood-challenged communities, we empathize with and care for those around us.
  • Partnership, with shared responsibilities and Respect for all stakeholders, we are thankful for opportunities and are aware of our limitations.
  • Integrity in all that we do, we are people of our word, with the courage to do what is right.
  • Efficiency in resource utilization and Innovation in programming, we challenge the status quo and take the initiative to pursue new ideas.
  • Courage to realize our vision and Celebrate, we set high standards for our own achievement and celebrate the achievements of others. 

The Bunifu Story

The Bunifu wonderful story of how we came into being, coming soon..,

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